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Sunroof sun hield for coupe?

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hey all

I've been thinking of making some kind of a sun shield for the sun roof, I know that Jon M has something on the leter z site, but I'd like to make something that stayed in place and could retract.


every time i notice that something is 'missing' in my coupe compared to other bmw I recognise the purity of the car - it's (relatively) uncomprimising design of form folowing function =)
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i ordered the one from

it works really well.

it's not a leather version (which is supposed to come out soon, i suppose, but that would be superfluous money spent), but it looks very nice and it's a well thought out item.

easily taken off when i want to see the sun. mostly i don't care and prefer to not have the extra heat come through.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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