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Super Bowl Sunday Drive - Oregon Wine Country

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Hey gang,

We're taking advantage of light traffic on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 3) to head out west of Portland for a drive through the wine country.

All are welcome! We'll be driving our 1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina (as we're unfortunately between BMW's at the moment), but would love to have a good BMW turnout and say hi to local friends.

The event is sponsored by Jewel or Jalopy, in conjunction with the two local Cars & Coffee's (Tigard, and Cascade).

For more details see the event page here, or on our Facebook event page.

Would love to meet some of the local BMW crowd I haven't met yet, see some old friends, and if you really want to watch the game we'll be back in time.

Ian Lomax
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Quick update....

Thanks to our friends over at Sidedraught City here in Portland we will be raffling off a Griots Garage Starter Car Care Kit at the beginning of the drive. If you're in the Portland area we hope to see you on Sunday!


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