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The practical side of me has such a hard time with this consideration .. looking for some opinions ...

Currently have a carbon black on black 2018 x5d msport with carbon exterior trim pack. The truck has been reliable, looks great and you can't beat the fuel economy on long trips. In sport mode it's fun to drive (as fun as a diesel can be.) I got a sweet deal on it when they were clearing them out (last year for the d's) which included a discounted BMW extended warranty that will take me up to mid-2024 and a 2% finance rate. I currently have 50K kms.

The fun side of me has always wanted an F85

2017 x5m carbon black on black with 45K kms has popped up on my radar. Took it for a spin, of course the power is amazing, and the rumble of the exhaust appeals to my fun side. I didn't play around with the M settings too much, but enough to recognize that comfort mode in the x5d is going to be more comfortable. It comes with a set a winter wheels / tires.

- Sales guy I'm dealing with isn't great with the details, so I have to look into this - but I think if I were to do the deal I'd be incurring the full finance charge on the 2018 (meaning you can't port it, you have to close it out and start new.) Not the end of the world, something like $1100 based on the outstanding amount.
- Depending on how I structure it, I'm going to be 1.5 - 2.5% higher on whatever finance arrangement I get into with the M
- Dealer believes I can be refunded for the the extended warranty on the 2018 less a nominal charge, waiting to hear back
- The extended warranty cost from BMW on the M is silliness, their 3rd party offering which is reasonably priced is with Secure Drive, LGM (any opinions on this provider would be much appreciated - it's being pitched as just as good as BMW less the $100 deductible.) The dealer is confident enough in this 3rd party that they've co branded themselves on the printed collateral. While I remain skeptical, that's asking for some hot-n-heavy scenes in the service dept down the road with customers if it's less than advertised.

The sensible side of me is looking at the depreciation curve on the 17 M that has been much more punishing than my 18 d, hence the opportunity. I'm guessing the 17 M will hold value a lot more from here than the 18 d will. Only time will tell.

There are some minor differences between the 17 and 18. The 2nd panel roof pop up for instance was deleted in 2018. I know this b/c the former 2013 x5d had to have the roof operator replaced twice - $4K warranty issue each time (hence why it was a deleted feature.) This is why I need to find out if this Secure Drive warranty is legit.

Price we're at for the 17 M is good (comp'd to market); we're not there yet on my 18 d - we're still negotiating.

Again, any opinions offered are most welcome !
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