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Details will follow, but it looks like we have about six folks so far. Some from OH, NC, TN. If you haven't driven the Tail of the Dragon, this is a great opportunity to meet some 'festers and have a great run!

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I was just in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg to blow off steam and decided to cruise over to US 129 to see what it's all about. Cops were EVERYWHERE. It was definately a great drive, though.

By the way, I've been taking spring vacations to that area since my boyhood. And in the past 5-6 years, the level of development and commercialization around the park has become truly alarming. The park is still beautiful, but Pigeon Forge now sprawls all the way to I-40. There is a mini-Vegas (but without gambling) atmosphere about the place.

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The Dragon is awesome! If you have never been here are a few tips:

Best to do it on a weekday if you can as the cops are pretty heavy on weekends.

Also, this road is overwhelmingly used by motorcycles so stay on your side of the yellow line.

Several people die on that road each year. Drive/ride within your limits.

Locals have been known to oil corners in hopes of putting people off the road. Also watch out for wet leaves on the road.

This is an excellent website on the Dragon at Deal's Gap and the Autobahn like Cherohala Skyway. Features daily updates and pictures on weekend activities.

Tail of The Dragon
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