More spy pictures of the upcoming 3 Series have surfaced and they provide us with a fresh look at the interior and exterior.

Previous spy shots appeared to be of a car pretty early in development, but these latest shots show the 3 Series much farther along in the design process.

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Although they’re hidden behind camouflage, the headlights look a lot more like the new 5 Series’ headlights than the current 3 Series’. A bit taller, broader, and filled with the new hexagonal projector lenses, these new lamps should change the 3 Series’ face. The taillights, too, have changed, with new white sections inboard.

Inside, meanwhile, the changes are dramatic. Last time we saw the 3 Series testing, the infotainment stuck out of the dash. This model, on the other hand, has an integrated infotainment system. The screen looks like it will be controllable from a scrolling wheel to the left of the gear selector or with steering wheel-mounted controls.

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A screen in the binnacle, too, suggests that this 3 Series will have a digital instrument cluster. Some stylized vents, meanwhile, give us hints as to what the interior designers want us to see, too.

Reports suggest that the next 3 Series will be longer, wider, and will have a longer wheelbase to increase interior volume. Lightweight materials, though, mean that even with the extra real estate, it could be lighter than the outgoing model.

Expect to find out for sure when the next 3 Series debuts in 2018.

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