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This was actually last December but finally got around uploading the pics/video of the experience!

This is my 2nd F80 M3.....I had a 2016 non-CP prior to this.
This one I purchased and plan to keep around for a bit hopefully.
I will do another thread on my impressions of the new car and differences from a non-CP M3.

One of the SPECIAL things about the BMW brand is the custom ordering process and this PCD experience is just icing on the cake! I REALLY need to do European Delivery - but with 2 little ones very hard to plan a trip like that right now lol.
Anyway this is just an appreciation thread for BMW offering enthusiasts like us this type of customization and amazing delivery experience.

Day 1 = Travel, BMW pickup from Airport, Complimentary Dinner and 1 Night at Hotel
Day 2 = Driving Experience of your exact car on the Track, xDrive Course, BMW Factory Tour, your actual Vehicle Delivery

Hope you enjoy the pics and videos! :thumbup::thumbup:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts