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December 5th Im taking my 540i to the dragstrip at Cali speedway and my friend will be taking his 08 accord as well. Also a 06 supercharged accord and 08 mustang bullitt might come too for this event.
I did a 1/4 mile run and used obd2 software to get my time, and first time i got 14.1 and second time 13.9 but that seems too good to be true. How fast is a 97 540i 6speed should be running?
Also I will be stripping the **** out of my bimmer. rear and front right seats will be removed and trunk will be gutted. Ill also try to remove more weight if i find it :)
I just installed a brand new stage 1 F1 racing clutch and currently im breaking it in for the race.

If you want to come, please PM me and later we can schedule a place to meet before the race and make a group cruise to the speedway
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