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taking rons and randy's advice

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as i looked one more time at my headlamps and cussed bmw and d.o.t. for not just screwing a plug into it rather then cast over the hole, im going with the drl's in a way i want the euro city lights just because im basically being told by d.o.t. im not supposed too and thinking of all the other stuff we got jiped out of even if the euro options are useless i still want them:cry:
but sure enough i would not have the hole drilled out in a perfect circle and would have to go buy a new light assembly because i screwed it up.
also i have a new custom stitched shift boot from leatherz on the way so i will post pics as soon as i get it. jon maddux is a great guy. so many goddies to choose from leatherz.
well ill shut up now just wanted to let yall know which way im going with the headlights thanks agian ron stygar and randy f.
beer and food on me at hc03(not every night though)
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Don't get too far ahead of me.
I still owe you a round from Saturday Night after the plant cafeteria dinner!
no that was for the excellent driveing you and your wife did on the track :thumbup:
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