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Talk about stupid!! UGH!

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OK, a little background first....... I've had custom wheels on my cars for years and always been very anal/careful of anything happening to them. About 3 weeks ago I take delivery of my new M3 Cab, it's the greatest car I've ever owned and I vow to always keep it in pristine condition. Flash forward to saturday morning, I'm at the gym, parked in a spot by the curb so my car is I pull out I scrape my wheel on the cement, putting a gouge in the rim where it meets the tire!!!!!! AUGGGGGGHHHHHH:mad: I can't believe how stupid I was, I'm still kicking myself...... Today I look for a quality wheel shop to repair it for me.......
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Don't be too hard on yourself - most of us have done something like that before. Try to look on the positive side, and treat it as a learning experience for the next time you park close to a curb. Besides, it's a right of passage for your new M3 - a friend of mine has an M3 cab, and his philosophy is that once he gets the inevitable first ding, scratch, or whatever, then he can stop being so totaly anal about his car, and enjoy it more!
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