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Talk about stupid!! UGH!

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OK, a little background first....... I've had custom wheels on my cars for years and always been very anal/careful of anything happening to them. About 3 weeks ago I take delivery of my new M3 Cab, it's the greatest car I've ever owned and I vow to always keep it in pristine condition. Flash forward to saturday morning, I'm at the gym, parked in a spot by the curb so my car is I pull out I scrape my wheel on the cement, putting a gouge in the rim where it meets the tire!!!!!! AUGGGGGGHHHHHH:mad: I can't believe how stupid I was, I'm still kicking myself...... Today I look for a quality wheel shop to repair it for me.......
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The vast majority of the time when I return to the curb spot I parked in the idiot next to me parked either way to close to the painted line or actually partially in my space. Damn, I hate that. It also happens when I don’t pull all the way in, some dumb ass will actually pull too far forward of his line and will actually be touching my car with his plate. I don’t even want to get started on parallel parking in the U.S. It’s not that hard what’s wrong with people. I didn’t go through drivers training and I can get my car in the space and lined up. Just look at all the morons that are crooked and over the lines next time, it’s re-damn-diculous.

Oh well, maybe you can use this as an excuse to buy some twenty’s……..nah, nah, dem are ten’s.
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