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Tar remover for wheels?

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Saw ChrisF's post about a bug and tar slime on paint. can I use the same stuff/suggestions for my OEM alloy wheels?? Some of my wheels have this black goo on them that sems very difficult to remove...
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Have you tried Simple Green and a small scrubbing sponge? Let it soak first. You might look for the Simple Green foam for autos and bbq grills. I rarely get tar buildup, but it works like a charm on the toughest of brake dust deposits. I usually just need some car wash and the sponge.

Bought the BMW wheel cleaner and it's useless. Same with their brush.
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Hey jw-

I'll give the simple green a try - thanks!
Don't use simple green regularly. After you got it clean coat the wheels with wax or even better with polymer sealant(eg. Zaino).
After that just wash with car wash soap weekly.

SG is pretty harsh and regular use will likely damage the wheel finish especially if you have small chips that go thru the clear coat.
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I agree w/ GTI. Simple Green shouldn't be used on a regular basis. Only for the worst spots. I've had 2 layers of Zaino on mine. That's why they so easy to keep clean.
Since most wheels are clearcoated you can use bug and tar on your wheels if you have to.. This should not cause any problems.. When you get those things bling blingin'...put a good coat of wax on them. This will make them easier to keep clean.
I use bug/tar remover whenever needed with no problem.
Lots of great tips. Thanks everyone! :)
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