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Temporary Fix For Nav Volume by Dealer

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Following about 6 visits to my dealer since March 26th delivery I finally am satisfied with Band-Ade fix by my dealer sanctioned by BMW NA. The volume is controlled by the settings and can be adjusted using the proper entry code. I preferred the dealer do this as after all it is their responsabilty. It is no problem for me to run down to my deaker as they allow me to drive into the dealer area and my favorite Tech named "Scott" adjusts to suit as advised by BMW. If you can't make it to your dealer let me know and I will attemptnto give you the settings which finally did the job. It still is sporadic but I can live with it until BMW comes up with either an entire new unit or upgraded software. The rest of my 330ci is perfect and a real fun thing to drive. Damn shame these suppliers make a perefect car designed by BMW into a nightmare.
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I've been struggling with this issue for months. I'd love to lower the nav volume, not just the ratio of the nav volume to the radio volume. My dealer is entirely unhelpful. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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