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***8221;tesla 2015 record***8221;

Tesla had a great year in 2015. The California automaker surpassed the previous 50,000 vehicle predictions for the year and ended up delivering a record breaking 50,580 vehicles.

Tesla managed to move 17,400 vehicles in the fourth quarter alone. The Models S had the majority, with 17,192 sold and the new Model X, Tesla's electric SUV, sold 208 models. These numbers mark an increase of 48 percent over the previous quarter's record, as well as a 75 percent boost over last years fourth quarter numbers.

Those are some nice numbers for Tesla, but when you look at them compared to BMW's record 2015 year, they seem quite small. BMW sold 54,997 of just the X5 model, which was a record for this year and finished out with 404,537 total vehicles sold.

You can check out BMW's record 2015 numbers here!

Source BoldRide


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