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14 teams driving EVs, most of which are Tesla Model S Sedans, are currently participating in an endurance rally (ELDURO 2016) that goes around the world. The rally hits 20 countries on 3 continents, for a total of 25,000 km. (around 15534 miles!) It started in Barcelona the middle of June and will finish back there in 80 days or less. During their journey, the teams stop at various events and help raise people's awareness about EV tech.

Looking to beat Rafael de Mestre's record (GENESIS 2012), sharing their EV experiences and sending a strong message to the industry that sustainable technology is the future.
Passing through preset presentation points, they will plant trees in a bid to offset the greenhouse impact from the event.

Maybe we'll see BMW set some sort of rally up for i3 and even i8 owners. I suppose there would be a bit more stopping with the BMWs, but a great way to see the world.

You can check out the participant list and even follow them live here!
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