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Loved em both..I just wish the cars I was able to test were more equally equipped..

The 535i had the ZPP, ZSP, ZCW and 6mt -- a fantastically fun drive! I just loved it.

Thought the MT shift was nice (not great) but nice enough for me. The chassis dynamics and steering were excellent and the comfort seats -- well heaven on earth for sure.

The 550i did not have the ZSP and was equipped with the step slush-box so not a real fair comparo. I drove it to try and get a sense of the V8 vs 6banger. Liked it - but probably would love it with the MT and ZSP. Could definitely tell the diff in the V8 vs the tt6.

I think I could be quite happy with the 535 --- but at the right price gap to the V8 only.

Anyways, it sure was nice getting my bimmer fix while I finish the 10 mos left on my current Mazda lease :D
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