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Just came back from a test drive in the '06 325i sedan with the sport package, with the intent of making both my mom and I comfortable with the idea of adding it to a 328i sedan next year via ED. Plus I was pleased at the fact they had one which wasn't loaded up with useless options which inflates the price. This particular tester was pretty new (13mi on the odo) and only had automatic, gray leather, sat prep, heated seats, and sport package.

(For comparision purposes, we had tried a 325i last year w/o sport and with premium, and I've driven my friend's 325i enough times)

It started out with great customer service; my sales rep had the car parked in the front ready to go by the time I got there this afternoon. Just got the ID and tossed us the keys. Let's just say, I can't imagine the point of premium package and power seats. The manual seats work great, and the power seat width was appreciated along with extra (more like adaquate) side bolstering. The sport steering wheel is a joy to use, and well weighted although more feedback would be appreciated. It rides very well, with the response and firmness I expect from a BMW but not as overly firm as say, my X3. I didn't abuse it since I'd feel gulity flogging a brand new car with all the interior plastic covering still there, but I know the power is there. Other than the usual nitpicks (not enough engine music, transmission isn't as crisp, no engine temp gauge, overly-complex OBC/audio unit, etc...), I'd can say "Sport package is a must" without reservation :thumbup:

The stock suspension is too soft, the stock seats don't hold you tight enough, steering wheel is too cumbersome, and the wheels are downright ugly.

Now let's just hope my parents will pay for the sport package in 6-8months.:)
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