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Doh! No floormats? :D

Sweet car. Nice cap.
Took the dealer two weeks to get me free floormats. Price was right tho - only $26,000.00 apiece.
hey glaws--

how's the car treating you? How about the manual seats/no lumbar support? Is that working out for you, or will there be a 2003 or 2004 in your future?

I'm still loving mine. 6000 miles in 5 months for me. :)
Thanks for asking, atyclb. Havn't driven it as much lately. Weather, worrying about Kelly and her babies, Chief Dispatcher's brother (one of our drivers) had open heart surgery, some 12 hour days (unix server went whacko). Just sent IRS over $3600.00, so kinda broke and gotta watch gas bills. BUT, sat myself down the other day and decided: Worrying about Kelly wasn't helping her any. Dispatcher's bro is doing well. Servers and workstations are now OK. Can't do nothin about the weather. So the next day, after I got over the hang-over, I signed up for local BMWCCA's Car Control Clinic on the 27th, began to excerize again. Eat well, sleep well. Bad three weeks, but maybe I got it all over with for the year.

BTW showed Kelly some of the responses I got from yesterday's post and your nic was there. Thank You.
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