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This is an appreciation post. I got a bit carried away but I couldn't help myself.

TLDR: @Jon Shafer at BMW of Santa Maria is an amazing Client Advisor and went above and beyond to help get me into a new X5. If you’re on the West Coast and looking for a new BMW, contact Jon first.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to @Jon Shafer at BMW of Santa Maria. It’s been 1 month since my wife and I picked up my new X5 M50i from Jon. I contacted Jon back in October 2020 to start a new lease since mine was ending in November. He was extremely quick to respond and came back with an incredible deal the first time around. I was undecided at that point. I went back and forth between models and eventually put everything on hold for a few months. Jon was always there and extremely understanding. He never pressured me or made me feel like time was running out on a deal. He was honest and straight to the point.

Fast forward to February 2021 and I had made my decision. I sent Jon a new build and he came back with another great offer in the new year. He hit the ground running to get me a build slot. Initially I was told my X5 wouldn’t start production until end of March to the beginning of April. Jon contacted me a few days later to tell me he secured an early March build date! X5’s were and still are in high demand. My X5 actually entered production on February 15th and was on it’s way to the West Coast by March 1st!

From the time I signed off on the build to the day we took delivery, Jon was always there and willing to help. He put up with my almost daily emails and never seemed annoyed. I finally got the reply I was waiting for, your new X5 is on the lot! My wife and I headed up to Santa Maria from LA towards the end of March to meet Jon. It was such a pleasant experience. When we arrived at the dealership, there was my X5, sitting pretty in the showroom with a damn bow! That felt like such an accomplishment to me. Jon met us and we chatted for a while about the early days of Bimmerfest and how things have changed so much since then. It was like we knew each other even though we had just met for the first time. We sat down with Jonathan Z in finance and took care of the extremely simple lease signing. Before I knew it we were out the door and ready to head home. Jon met us outside and gave us the run down on the car and offered to help if we had any questions about the car, iDrive, features etc. I was too excited to sit and learn anything at the time. We talked for a while longer and finally hit the road.

Jon was incredibly helpful and patient throughout the entire process. From the day I first contacted him to the day we took delivery, I never felt pressured or that Jon was being anything less than genuine. The entire process was a breeze thanks to Jon, aside from the part where I watched the BMW tracker 24/7. Now that I’ve written way more than I intended, I’d like to say thank you to Jon one last time. We will be leasing a new BMW for my wife later this year and we will absolutely be contacting Jon for that lease as well. I could not recommend a more kind, honest, and helpful Client Advisor than Jon. If you’re on the West Coast looking to purchase or lease, Jon is your man. The 2hr drive home from Santa Maria was an absolute treat in my new X5 M50i.

Disclaimer: Masks were worn and proper social distancing was practiced at all times aside from the one picture Jon and I took together.


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Stunning!!! Enjoy!
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