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I came back to this Post to delete it as I finally found the wonderfully comprehensive answer I needed. THANK YOU! However I cannot find a delete button now!
So, if and when I find the button, I will delete it then.
If you are in the same boat as me then keep looking- the answer is on this site!

I have Googled quiet a bit and searched this forum about engines for my 528i. I know they can be rebuilt, I am just not sure if that is the right option for me. I had intended to drive this car for another 3-5 years then turn it over to one of my children. So now I have a question about what I should do with my car. I have a 1999 528i with around 110,000 miles. It was having transmission slippage and the European repair shop in town fixed it last month. Suddenly it blew a head gasket. I am trying to decide whether to fix it (est. $2000) or replace engine (est. $3500 to $4000) or to try to sell it for someone else to fix or for parts. Do these prices sound reasonable?

Otherwise it is in pretty good condition. We bought it 2.5 years ago for $5700, it has a new battery, newer tires, fresh oil change, new xenon light, new cams(?). It is green with tan leather interior. It has a bit of bubbled paint but no rust ( top or bottom).

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


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