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I know this is a tired thread, but I wanted to thank all you guys...

This worked great! I found the part and replaced it. It's not for the faint of heart to try tho, as you take out half the dash and parts you have to be careful with moving out of the way.. Besides that you need to be a contortionist.

Thanks for the post on this issue. Saved hundreds in labor and it was a good experience.


and here:
First you need to remove the glove box. Here's a link
with instructions:

I looked at the above DIY and I think it only removes
the glove box. You'll also need to remove the glove
box assembly. Its held in place with several screws.
The bottom part of the assembly can just be pulled
directly out (there might be a metal tab holding it in
place near where the passengers left foot would be). I
just sorta wiggled the bottom part of the assembly

Now where the passenger's left foot is, you'll see a
plastic vent. I didn't bother to remove it and just
pushed it slightly out of the way. (couldn't figure
out how it was supposed to be removed). Now you'll
need a flash light here. You'll see a stepper motor
with a linkage. Behind that is the final stage
resistor. Remove the 2 torx screws holding the stepper
motor in place. I couldn't figure out how to remove
the linkage so I just left it attached. Then remove
the two torx screws holding the final stage resistor
in place. Slightly move the stepper motor out of the
way (be careful though, I think the linkage could
break). Now the only thing holding the FSR in place is
a plastic tab on the right side of the FSR. I took a
flat head screwdriver and pushed the tab out while
pulling out on the FSR. After the FSR is out, just
replace it with the new one and go backwards in steps
to put everything back together.

Purchase the FSR from seemed
to be the cheapest. Good luck and let me know if you
have any questions.

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FSR replacement link

The link containing instructions with photos for replacement of the FSR unit was spot on! I am a first time bmw owner of a used '00 528i and was dismayed to have my hvac blower fail after only two days. I consier myself a pretty good shade tree mechanic but was rather intimidated by all the fancy German engineering. The link had the photos that made the job fast and easy. I have cold air blowing again!

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Im adding it to my repair info section for when the prob pops up on mine eventually.

Should come in handy one day.
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