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Thanks Kaz!

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Kaz helped me install a Hella 3-trumpet air horn kit in my car on Saturday. I first heard the ones in his car when we had Techsession 3.0 at HACK's place a couple of weeks ago. I knew then that I had to have a set in my car!

The horns sound awesome - similar to older italian cars! :thumbup: They definitely get a lot of attention, as they don't sound anything close to generic car horns. I have managed to startle quite a few people on the roads already. :angel: I may even decide to put in another set to really really really piss people off when they cut in front of me and piss ME off! :angel: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Thanks again Kaz :thumbup:
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Cool! :thumbup: Where did you get it and about how long/hard was the install..? Some days I wish I had a freight train horn under the hood...
Wow, sounds great! Just wondering... would there be any legal liabilities, like if you scare somebody off the road into a ditch or something? :dunno: :dunno:
Sometimes things sound different after they are heard. :eek:
Chris330Ci said:
Cool! :thumbup: about how long/hard was the install..?
Dang. Wish I'd of known you were gonna do it so soon. I'd of stopped by to see what was involved.
Its not that tough for a basic install. I've done horn installs on most cars without the extra relay the kits provide, because the amount of current they draw and the duration of that draw (i.e. how long you hold the horn down) are likely such that you probably don't need it. It a little more work if you decide you want the added assurance of the relay since you hafta run some extra wires.

On E46s the best location IMO is the area behind the right foglight. Its the best combination of wiring accessibility and placement for best (loudest) output and weather protection (especially on sedans). People in wetter climes may be better off finding a place in the engine compartment, though.

Work takes about 1.5hrs, a lot of that trying to figure out how to place the trumpets.
Yeah, what Kaz said!

I got the horns from here:

I don't see any liability issues - you could scare people off wih the stock horns too... :D
GUYS! Take it to the DIY forum!

(Man, I'd move this thread if I know how to)
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