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the car testing of the 350Z is done....

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....and a question (more rhetorical than anything else) is:

the car, while not a lightweight, isn't the pig i thought it was: 3250(?) lbs.

why are the performance numbers for something with 290hp (and almost the same torque) kinda off? disappointing?

recall an "old" M coupe would do 5.1/14 (to 60mph/quarter mile time), an "old" m3 would do 5.7/ this another case of japanese overstating HP or is it the low rev limiter so the car cannot hold gear as long? (redline is 6500, i think or 6600).

at the pricepoint, if it were me, i'm still thinking i would rather play with a WRX and have my fun than the 350Z. just a thought. talking bang for the buck and tuning.

(i neglected to mention the Z numbers: they seem to hover right around 5.5/14)
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what the hell are you guys talking about? 5.4 is a so so time?? For god sakes iys only 27 grand what did you expect. I own an m3 but if I needed another car I sure as hell would be satisfied with a z car. You guys are way in denial.
ok you go find a 0 mile e36 m3 that looks as good as the Z car and ill agree with you hack
ezsce46 said:

You are changing the subject, no one said that the Z at $27k isn't a great value. And no one is saying that the Z is not fast when compared to a non M car. We are simply trying to figure out given the HP & tq why it ins't faster... Low 5.0sec 0-60 and high 13's 1/4miles would more correlate with its HP/TQ/Weight ratio.
Because the car is brand new adn not broken in?
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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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