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The Federation International des Véhicules Anciens has officially added the third-generation 3 Series to its list of potential classics.

FIVA tasks itself with representing enthusiasts around the world and has been around since 1966. The organization is an “international body to promote and guide the interests of the historic vehicle movement.”

And while we would argue that the E36 3 Series is a classic no matter what FIVA says, it’s nice for it to be recognized by an organization that is partnered with UNESCO and represents 1.5 million people.

To become a “potential classic,” cars have to be more than 30 years old and part of our technical and cultural heritage. To be a classic, individual cars must also be preserved in historically correct condition and not used as daily transport, to qualify for FIVA’s definition of classic.

FIVA also added the Lamborghini Diablo, the Lotus Carlton, the Ford Fiesta ST, the Land Rover Discovery, the Aston Martin Virage, the Acura NSX, and the Trabant this year.