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well, it seems as though they really have discovered a problem that is generally restricted to late October through November production.

If anyone is still worried about all M3 engines failing, read this. I'll quote the link and then post it:

"I had a conversation with a service guy (one of the guys in the business suits not the actual service tech). Background info: Grayson BMW just moved into their new multi-million dollar facility with a service dept that has 20+ lifts and stations. They did massive hiring in the last few weeks. On with story, the guy in the suit tells me he was working for BMWNA at their headquarters 3 weeks before and that he dealt with service/engineering investigations. He said that the unannounced investigated reason for all of the failures was due to the miscalibration of a tool in the engine production. The thing(I don't know the exact term) that bores out the space for the crankshaft was mismarking and boring the blocks. BMW did make a shift to the red bearings but the machine shop was supposed to make an adjustment to the production line to accommodate this change in bearing tolerances. So, they were installing what should have been an effective change of bearings but, the block machining was not changed like it should have been during the switch. So the bearings/crankshaft/block were mismatched and not the correct size for each other. After discovering the major defect, BMW decided that it was easier/cheaper to change the type of bearing used rather than alter boring process, thus back to yellow...this time with 10W-60 weight instead of 10W-30. "
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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