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A guy hit me from behind and damaged the rear bumper and bent the body below my licence plate.

His insurance company has deemed my care a total loss. They value the car at $3,855.00.

My car is in great shape. Everything works, AC blows cold, new top, it has blue leather interior and top. 162k miles.

After deductions of salvage value, taxes etc, I'll receive $3,549.

My gut tells my car is worth more than this. People stop me about once every other month to ask about the car and if I'd sell it. I've found similar cars online going for $5k in PA and OH. The problem is, the insurance company will only accept vehicles in a 50 mile radius of where I live (Glendale, CA).

Does anyone have access to a comprehensive car search who can help me locate cars of similar specs? If I can find 2-3 similar cars they should be able to adjust the settlement.

My car:
1991 325i Convertible, White, Blue top/interior
6 cylinder 2.5, Automatic
162,450 miles
Vin: PM me.

The cars don't need to be identical.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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