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Here's the scoop:

A year ago, along with my full-on race suspension install, Bullet Performance installed a set of rear KMAC eccentric trailing arm bushings, so that the toe/camber can be adjusted.
At 1st, I was very happy with them.

Since then, EVERY time I wanted to have a shop realign my car, I noticed the camber bolts in the rear were lose.

I've had enough. Today, I went to my mechanic, to check on the bolts. Yeah, they were lose. Upon further investigation, we noticed that the bolts were not long enough, so they weren't catching the nylon part of the lock nut. In re-tightening them, we even found that one of the bolts was still spinning a bit free. Not good. What all this means is that my rear alignment was most likely out of whack every time the bolts came lose.

My mechanic suggested I get longer bolts to remedy the problem.

I went one step further. After calling different places (BMP, Turner), I finally got the main KMAC USA number, and talked to Jeff, the KMAC USA representative. A great guy to talk to.

He quickly knew what I was talking about, and told me that KMAC has an upgraded (newer in fact) version of their bushings that take care of the problem under extreme circumstances (the problem I have would not appear under normal circumstances of street driving, but would appear if autox/track, which I do).

He is sending me the parts (for free of course, a $240 value I believe), they should be here next week. Of course, I have to pay for the install, but that shouldn't be too bad, because they are also providing the tool to push the bushing out of its place. So all my mech has to do is drop the trailing arm, push bushing out, insert new bushing in, and insert new bolt/nut/washer in, and of course re-align the car.

If anyone of you has the KMAC rear bushings installed a while ago, I suggest you double check to make sure your bolts are not lose, and/or replace them with newer parts.

In essence, ever since my last alignment from late last year, I have been having variable alignment settings in the back. Not too good for performance driving, and not good at ALL for good AutoX competition times.

Hopefully this will solve the problem for good. :dunno:

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