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The Official NE festers' NE meet thread.

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It's time for this things own thread so we can talk locations, details, people, times, ect ect. and not thread jack other threads.

Since it seems like the majority of us are in the MA CT NH area I think we ought to choose a location that'll be accessible to all within 2 hours or so. I'd also like a place that isn't going to be full of people(see police) and going to get our shiz busted.

If anyone has cameras and gear bring it. I'm not opposed to it being more than just bimmers too, I don't mean to say I want 214835643295604587 people to show up, but other european cars might be cool if you've got friends.

parts swapping might be a cool idea too, we can make a pool of parts to trade and whatever.

I now open it for discussion :thumbup:
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Select a place equi-distant for everyone attending, then use Google Earth to find a huge parking lot.
I'll not be able to make a meet in March, school until May.
BF.E is 10+ hours (one way) for me... Pansies.

And for that whole height thingy?

Yeah... ... ...
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You an' me Frankie, you an' me. :)
Around your way? Hellz, in Canada here, we just got our first stretch of paved road!
comon' CJ you cant do it!
What are you Ken, some kinda optimist?
Just throwing in my $0.02, but would it be really out of the way to move it to CJ's? Do a little fixing DIYing all in one?

(Provided his parent's are kosher with it at least).
I was gonna say... It's not quite 8 hours, here to New York...
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