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The Official NE festers' NE meet thread.

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It's time for this things own thread so we can talk locations, details, people, times, ect ect. and not thread jack other threads.

Since it seems like the majority of us are in the MA CT NH area I think we ought to choose a location that'll be accessible to all within 2 hours or so. I'd also like a place that isn't going to be full of people(see police) and going to get our shiz busted.

If anyone has cameras and gear bring it. I'm not opposed to it being more than just bimmers too, I don't mean to say I want 214835643295604587 people to show up, but other european cars might be cool if you've got friends.

parts swapping might be a cool idea too, we can make a pool of parts to trade and whatever.

I now open it for discussion :thumbup:
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Since we're shooting for march, it'll most likely not be too warm so beach goers won't be all up in our sh!t we could aim for Misquamicut beach? it's in the corner pocket of RI,MA,and CT. I've been up there though and there isn't much in terms of parking or attractions. Plus most of the parking lots are raised which sucks for lowered cars... ask me how I know.

I like the idea of a beach side meet though, mainly from a photoshoot stand point. But I'll take what we can get... as long as it isnt at Wal-Mart lol.
someone kidnap CJ and drag him kicking and screaming in here hahaha. if it's just us three, I guess our options would be pretty open in terms of finding places.

edit: spoke too soon.
I didn't think ED and Joe were going to go to this, I thought they were just in it for the Fest' in MD. ...hmm If they want to that'd be mucho badassery.
yeah I figured as much. must haz more attendees.
ah yes, Frank. If he's sedan is done though... I posted a thread in the Regional Forum too to maybe draw some more people than just the E36ers

If we do go we'll have the entire place to ourselves. Meaning nothing will be open. But that also means we get the beastly parking lot... unless it's chained off then we'd be screwed. It says the "state park" is open from 1 May- thru whatever. But I'm still fairly sure you can park there, I've never heard of a state beach being gated off.
I was there in august and it was happening there. but it seemed that EVERY parking lot charged for parking. So I'm hoping the state parking lot doesn't have a gate. if so, We'd have to either pick a new beach, or whatever. It's not looking to sound though. I wonder what CT has to offer, it's not very far to drive but I want to stay the hell away from new haven. ...
Mystic, CT?

The state closed gates but that was during the hurricane. who knows if they even bothered to open it back up since august was pretty much the end of summer


On the calender they hold hermit crab races so maybe that means the parking lot is open?

well I would guess that means there would be parking available somewhere. Mystic CT is near both casinos.. but i FEEL like that is BAD idea lol. but it's also got sh!t tons of stuff around.
agreed. So we would safely say that in lieu of a few hermit crab races Misquamicut would probably be pretty desolate. Besides the rich folks down the road in their seasonal beach mansions. I like it. We'll surely have to bring snacks and food, because that place will be deader than driftwood until May.
Lol, I go to New Haven sometimes, mostly for parts. Not the worst place in CT, but some parts are a real shiithole.

As far as places to meet, I know the guy that owns a BMW shop in Branford, CT. There's a decent parking lot across the street where they've held smallish meets before. There isn't any pretty scenery, but it does the trick, I suppose. They've hosted meets before, and I'm sure they would be cool if I asked them. If you want to check it out on google maps, the address is 428 north harbor st, branford ct.
I like this idea, it's a bit more sound than crashing a "closed" state beach.
well fella's it's up to you, I'm in the middle. Either way is just about as far for me. since we're the only one in right now we make the executive decision. Branford, CT. or Misquamicut, RI state park. Anyone else who's in after us will be at the mercy of out decision hahaha
I'm checking into my old hometown of Webster MA to see what times of the year "Webster lake"(lakeChargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg)is open to the public free of entry fee. It's not a bad place, it's mostly dirt parking but has park grills and stuff and I grew up there so I know for a fact you can access it year round. The one problem being... I'm not sure if it's lowered car friendly. last I knew there's a speed bump control point for the summer time. but you may be able to drive around it. and by you, i mean... me.

and lastly there can be no fuuckery because the police station is at the head of the road. but fear not, its public access so we can have a meet there under the pretense of a cookout.

EDIT: My source says we're a GO year round. it's my stomping ground too, i know places to eat, mini golf, twisty roads, photoshoot locs. ect ect.
Wait, are these like official events listed somewhere? At this rate I know I'm going to miss it, I have no idea when these things are going on, I just wanna do my first car meet!
This is just something a bunch of us New Englanders are trying to throw together, if you want to trek up all the way from NJ I support it. :thumbup:
Does this place also contain a fresh water beach? If so, I think ive been there over the summer

EDIT" drool from edit
it is indeed a freshwater beach.

154 Thompson Road Webster, MA 01570
Then it is Decided. the meet will be at Webster Lake, Webster Massachusetts.
I'll have wait a couple more weeks until i get my leave dates before I select a date. I thinking early to mid march. though. Much to your dismay dino the 328 will not have the schricks in it yet.
sadness :(

dont you have other go fast mods?
right now just the intake, and exhaust, ill throw on the headers,UUC catback, the the shark tune before the meet though... if i have time.:angel:
man i was liking how this thread was going. branford was like a little more than an hour from my place. but webster's a hike... 3+hrs. not sure if i could do that.

well it's still a little bit away if you feel adventurous later on.
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