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The Official NE festers' NE meet thread.

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It's time for this things own thread so we can talk locations, details, people, times, ect ect. and not thread jack other threads.

Since it seems like the majority of us are in the MA CT NH area I think we ought to choose a location that'll be accessible to all within 2 hours or so. I'd also like a place that isn't going to be full of people(see police) and going to get our shiz busted.

If anyone has cameras and gear bring it. I'm not opposed to it being more than just bimmers too, I don't mean to say I want 214835643295604587 people to show up, but other european cars might be cool if you've got friends.

parts swapping might be a cool idea too, we can make a pool of parts to trade and whatever.

I now open it for discussion :thumbup:
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I'm cool with Misquamicut, but that'll be quite a haul for Joe and Ed if they are coming.
Lol, I go to New Haven sometimes, mostly for parts. Not the worst place in CT, but some parts are a real shiithole.

As far as places to meet, I know the guy that owns a BMW shop in Branford, CT. There's a decent parking lot across the street where they've held smallish meets before. There isn't any pretty scenery, but it does the trick, I suppose. They've hosted meets before, and I'm sure they would be cool if I asked them. If you want to check it out on google maps, the address is 428 north harbor st, branford ct.
I live in a decently small town, so I know of parking lots that are pretty desolate, where we wouldn't be bothered. Some in the middle of the woods, but they would only hold 5-10 cars snugly. Nothing interesting around here, though. Just trees. :dunno:

Edit: places like this:

Might be cool for some pictures, and Bridgeport is only a few minutes away, so there's plenty of places to get food or something.
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I'm checking into my old hometown of Webster MA to see what times of the year "Webster lake"(lakeChargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg)is open to the public free of entry fee. It's not a bad place, it's mostly dirt parking but has park grills and stuff and I grew up there so I know for a fact you can access it year round. The one problem being... I'm not sure if it's lowered car friendly. last I knew there's a speed bump control point for the summer time. but you may be able to drive around it. and by you, i mean... me.

and lastly there can be no fuuckery because the police station is at the head of the road. but fear not, its public access so we can have a meet there under the pretense of a cookout.

EDIT: My source says we're a GO year round. it's my stomping ground too, i know places to eat, mini golf, twisty roads, photoshoot locs. ect ect.
Sounds good to me!
Little bit lower than me. I believe I'm 3-3.5in at the rocker panel. But I'm not running 205s :p
Not sure what I want to go with as far as new tires in the spring. I'm thinking 235 all around.
I raised it maybe half an inch in the front :rofl:

Just so that it wouldn't rub so much on the fender liners that I reinstalled for the winter (still does). I've barely driven it all this winter anyway. It's been in the garage.
It's a haul, but the second half of the trip is a good one though, Frank. Upstate CT has lots of fun highways through valleys and stuff.
Do you have any secret plans for the sedan, or just swapping everything over?
only thing going over is the zf and m54

slapping on a turbo manifold and a 6065 aiming for 17lb's daily and 21lb race day
When did you decide this?!
Where you live is awesome, frank. You know what my friends drive? Minivans.

When they get in my car they think it's a racecar :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Fuuuuuu. Why is everybody so spread out? :mad:
I believe we're still waiting on confirmation for Ken's vacation days.
You're not allowed to come because you drive a titty.

...I mean tibby!
I may be able to make that... what time would you all meet up? Anyone comin from the NYC area that'd wanna caravan?
I'd be down for that. I'm in Fairfield County.
The car is all sorted out and driving now :)
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