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The Official NE festers' NE meet thread.

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It's time for this things own thread so we can talk locations, details, people, times, ect ect. and not thread jack other threads.

Since it seems like the majority of us are in the MA CT NH area I think we ought to choose a location that'll be accessible to all within 2 hours or so. I'd also like a place that isn't going to be full of people(see police) and going to get our shiz busted.

If anyone has cameras and gear bring it. I'm not opposed to it being more than just bimmers too, I don't mean to say I want 214835643295604587 people to show up, but other european cars might be cool if you've got friends.

parts swapping might be a cool idea too, we can make a pool of parts to trade and whatever.

I now open it for discussion :thumbup:
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man i was liking how this thread was going. branford was like a little more than an hour from my place. but webster's a hike... 3+hrs. not sure if i could do that.
peer pressure time
do it do it do it do it

right now just the intake, and exhaust, ill throw on the headers,UUC catback, the the shark tune before the meet though... if i have time.:angel:
:yumyum: I need to drive a non stock e36
peer pressure time
do it do it do it do it

:yumyum: I need to drive a non stock e36
Its very tempting... I'll have to see how the new job is going. And i hear ya about driving a non-stock E36. All the work I've been doing on my baby is to just bring her back to where she SHOULD be.
well ive got the rokkors and all that in it too, so you'll have your chance. I just hope for my sake at least that the big ass speed bump at the entrance is avoidable. i hate it when the bottom of my car scrapes stuff.
lmao i scraped/bumped when i had my factory suspension

i love my rokkors.....when they arent in 4x4 winter mode

hopefully i can get my car cleaned up by then and maybe at least one go fast mod
I'll bring some 2x4 planks juuuuuuust in case.
you ever try the one wheel at a time method?
yup. let me source a photo so you can see just exactly how much ground clearance i dont have
just for perception. if you take an iPhone and hold it sideways. thats the amount of distance between the bottom of the rocker panel and the ground.:eeps:


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Little bit lower than me. I believe I'm 3-3.5in at the rocker panel. But I'm not running 205s :p
im going to 235's out back and 215's up front. fcuk skinny stance.
Not sure what I want to go with as far as new tires in the spring. I'm thinking 235 all around.
im trying to google earth that damn speedbump lololol.
im trying to google earth that damn speedbump lololol.

wait wait so you guys did not raise your cars for the winter?
I've been in Afghanistan up till this month, and my baby is sitting under a car cover 1200 miles away at my parents house... Until i come home for vacation in March.
I raised it maybe half an inch in the front :rofl:

Just so that it wouldn't rub so much on the fender liners that I reinstalled for the winter (still does). I've barely driven it all this winter anyway. It's been in the garage.
welp I have just concluded that said speed bump still exists as well as ANOTHER one. however they are both easily by passed on a dirt path. and they paved more of the parking lot too. bitchin.
damn 4 hours away is a killer :(
Trumbull is 2 hours away
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