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I stopped by Crevier yesterday (5/9/2005) to say hello to Paul Mooradian, who sold me Karl Bimmer, and, truth be told, to check out the E90.

The pictures do not do the car justice; the E90 is an absolutely beautiful car!

The word "harmonious" kept coming to mind - the dimensions, interior (Paul opened up a black 330i with black interior for me - it had already been sold). Very, very nice!

And a word for no time did he try to persuade me to trade Karl Bimmer in; in fact he told me to "drive it into the ground - get as many miles as you can". He also told me that I didn't need a 5 or 7-Series, that the E90 was large enough for me and that I'd buy a new Bimmer when I was ready to do so - it's this kind of no-pressure, low-key approach that makes me enjoy doing business with him - he didn't try to get me into a more expensive car (meaning more money for him)

I was tempted, though...but I'm still enjoying Karl Bimmer! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Paul said that the E90's were flying out of Crevier's showroom, and he expected to sell a lot of them this year. He also said that the 5 and 7-Series were doing well.
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