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The problem with BMW

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Stolen from a New York Times article on women cars. Kinda sez it all

These days, all kinds of luxury cars are being marketed as a girl's best friend. Saying that the BMW Seven Series sedans had proved too "sterile and Teutonic for many women," Thomas G. Jefferson, a BMW product manager, explained that the interior of the latest model was given a makeover. "It looks more like an elegant European living room than a car interior," he said.

Studies show that women drivers value comfort ? so the new BMW is trying to be a moveable spa. It offers the Active Seat, which massages the driver with an undulating motion.
I guess BMW is becoming the ultimate chickmobile.
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There's nothing wrong with that! I'm a woman, so they can keep it coming.;)
Hehe, I have also no problem with cute chicks driving a BMW ;)
tboogie said:
There's nothing wrong with that! I'm a woman, so they can keep it coming.;)
Hey, guys like massages too, even if they don't admit it. Now if the BMW was to start giving me mud mask facials, then I'd have a problem. Or if the cars started looking like girly cars. However, they are far from that imo as each car has a manly look to it to me. And heck yeah--if it attracts more women into my car I have no problem with that!

MIKEW, I’m with you on this issue.

Imagine going to the office in your $40k driving machine, working the clutch, rowing the gears, feeling the road…and then having to park it next to three identical E46’s driven by poseurs who couldn’t drive a stick if his/her life depended on it and who you’ve probably overheard impressing colleagues with comments about “the Bimmer’s powerful V6.”

On a side note: I’ve yet to witness any female (or candy-ass male) express interest in a WRX.
(What!? No leather? No power seats? No sunroof? No prestige? Ewwwwwww)

Chicks seem to not care at all about my BMW. IMHO, I think they dig CLKs and Lexus much more.

i have yet to see an SLK that was NOT being driven by a hot you need to submit a photo to get your lease application approved at mb dealers? :D
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