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The scoop on Dinan mods!!!

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This is my experiences with the Dinan modifications I have had done to my car a 2001 540iA.

This is not a biatch session just facts from my modifications. I'm still happy with my mods, but believe there are some issues with the engine software.

Where I go from here is uncertain read on!

Conclusion: My HP and Torque from Decembers Dynojet run was 312HP 332Torque. This was before the Throttlebody, High Flow Air Flow Meter and Intake Manifold installations. In conjunction with the 3.15 Differential installation my 0-60mph times were 5.2 - 5.3 seconds pretty much constant with decent launch's. After the installation of the Throttle body I noticed no significant changes in performance. After the High Flow Air Flow Meter installation I could tell I dropped power on the lowend. The best 0-60 times were 5.7 seconds and very consistant. My 1/4 mile times were 13.9-14.1. Not to shabby huh! The Dinan Transmission software was not working like it was before the install. It lost its punch from 1st to 2nd gear. This is where it really made a difference, but the air flow meter was making up for that. After the Intake Manifold installation I could tell right away my car lost the lower end side. I had my car dynoed again at the same place and same dyno as the December run. Here are the numbers 325HP and 364Torque. I should of had 320HP with just the Throttle body installation. The air fuel ratio was 11.5 normally where you run for supercharged engines. My car is not supercharged (yet) and should be running more like 12.5-13. I picked up only 13HP, but 32lbs more torque with 3 modifications. I was happy with the torque readings and who wouldn't be. That's the new M5 territory. The 13HP was not adequate especially with the engine management software (Dinan Stage V Engine Software). I gained numbers and lost considerable quickness through the 1/4 mile. The amount of time lost on quickness at the lower end is far to great. At this point of my modifications I'm clearly dissappointed. My advise to anyone who is installing mods from Dinan to stop at the throttle body and Stage III engine software, or even at the air flow meter and stage IV engine software unless your going to install the Dinan supercharger right away. My car was very quick at this stage of modifications even going with Stage IV and the Air flow meter. The car was quick and fast! I'm thinking about haveing my old manifold reinstalled and possibly my air flow meter since the Transmission software does not work well with the air flow meter. If Dinan got the Stage IV engine software working with the air meter the car would be a beast. Stage V software is supposed to be a match for the intake manifold. This may hold true on some cars, but not mine. It should be reconfigured and setup for the manifold only. This could possibly bring out the HP needed for this installation. There is probably another 15 or more HP trying to get out. I would like to see Dinan create a Stage VI software for the Supercharger installation. I have to decide if I want to have my old manifold put back on. I'm surprised with all the R&D Dinan has done they wouldn't know this and have corrected it? One last comment! The car does move out from 30-40 mph up to the redline and seems to be much faster. If you want quick 1/4 mile times or 0-60 times stop at either the throttle body for automatic transmissions and stop at the air flow meter for manual transmissions unless your installing the Supercharger:)

Update: I have decided to keep my new manifold on. I'm waiting for a reply back from Dinan.
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Have you mentioned any of this to the folks at Dinan? You didn't mention this in your writeup.
Man, you're putting out more mixed signals than Senator Amidala.

This is the most confusing review I've ever read...It's like a Shakespear play or something.
One thing to remember Dinan tries to balance the car as well as make more performance.... this does not necessarily end up with the best 1/4 mile times. If you are looking to build a drag car a bimmer is not the best platform.
Sorry for the confusion! Let me fix it. The mods I have done and have explained to some degree just depicts the performance increase or lack of.

The different mods allow you the consumer to figure out what you would like done to your car should you be using Dinans products, which, I do enjoy.

Example was if you want quick 0-60 mph times you would upgrade to the throttle body for auto transmissions and to the air flow meter for manual transmissions. These upgrades will kick butt.

If you want to decrease your quickness, but increase your topend you would install the manifold. The fact that I have a automatic makes things a little more complicated.

It all depends on what you want with your mods. I didn't realize the affect on the lower end side the manifold would have not to mention that the software for the transmission does not pack the punch it had before I installed the air flow meter.

I spoke with Eric Forester of Dinan over a month ago about the transmission software matched with the Air flow meter and Stage 4 engine software. He pointed out an issue with the software in conjunction with the mass air flow sensor. No word sence then!

I do love the speed of my car from 25mph up to 155mph. She will put you back in the seat. It's just the takeoffs that suck badly and I mean badly.
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The HACK said:
Man, you're putting out more mixed signals than Senator Amidala.


Sorry about that! I saw Star Wars II yesterday eeh. Maybe it rubbed off on me eehh. Amidala was playing hard to get:) but finally caved. Now someone can kiill her and Annikin can go balistic and whack them all.
how much does the differential help 0-60 times?
Are your 1/4 mile times from a G-Tech or from Carlsbad Raceway? G-Tech times are always optimistic, especially on MPH.
It was a Gtech/pro. If you have them setup correctly they are very accurate. Might lose a tenth but not much.
shahin said:
how much does the differential help 0-60 times?
It took me from 5.8 to 5.2.
humanoid said:
It was a Gtech/pro. If you have them setup correctly they are very accurate. Might lose a tenth but not much.
Not in my experience... They always read about 3mph too fast on the MPH, but sometimes 0.1-0.2 slow on the ET.

Grab yourself a helmet and go over to Carlsbad Raceway. 20 bucks and you get a real timeslip that nobody will argue about. :) Let me know if you need more info.
With the lack of quickness with my car now I would be embarassed to do any runs like that. From 20mph she goes good. Crap I cant even do a power brake burn off now. Before I could only muster about 1500 rpms before the tires would start to fry. Now I can redline and nothing. You should see some of my videos from before. On my web page.

I will have to either have the SC installed to balance the load since the engine software is not correct or remove the manifold and possibly air flow meter. Dinan may make a change to their software, but I doubt it.

I heard the Carlsbad race track was in sad shape and you have to take a dirt or gravel road to the track? If it's not I would love to go just to watch other cars.
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