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I just posted the following on another board, and I just love the answere:

After driving from Sweden to Oslo-Norway today, my 4 months old BMW E39 suddenly stopped on the motorway. Diagnostic told me “Engine Failsafe Program”, and the engine died. But believe me or not! It stopped exactly outside Norways largest BMW dealer, and I managed to idle it into their yard. They closed at 4 PM (I arrived at 5PM), but the manager was still there, and borrowed me a brand new 3-series so I could continue my travel. What is the statistical chance for something like this to happen? I had been driving 560 kilometres, and it stopped within 5 meters from a BMW dealer. Strange…..

And the answere:

By Design:

BMW AG has been experimenting with a new device (code name: Shafter) that, in the event of lower-than-expected dealership revenues, automatically emits a "kill engine" signal. This signal is picked up my the OBD in our cars and is evidenced by poor engine performance and various error messages, including "Check Engine", "Check Coolant", "Engine Failsafe Program", and "Check Bulbs". The dealership is counting on you bringing your car to their shop for service and, voila!, increases service revenues.

BMW AG spokesperson Klaus Mein, responding to early criticism of the device, was quoted as saying, "We think only of the good of the customer. What customers want is a financially healthy BMW. The Shafter will help provide a more stable revenue stream for BMW and our dealers. This is good, ja?"

While initial tests have been encouraging, the effective range of the Shafter signal is extremely low, so consumer advocacy groups are advising customers to avoid driving within a 2-3 block radius of any BMW dealership.

Full rollout is expected within the next 12-18 months.

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