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The tire tread! What do you have and your experience with it.

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I am seriously thinking getting rid of my stock run flat tires even though they have over 80% tread left. The ride and noise from my 20' Goodyear Excellence ROF is just unacceptable.
Last time I mentioned it to my SA and he agreed right away about the ROF tires, so I guess there are a lot of complaints about it. Even though I have yet to find a spare tire solution, I wanna go ahead change my tires to regular sport ones to fully enjoy my car.

So after some research, the three tires I like are:

Michelins Pilot Sport AS
Conti DW
Conti DWS

I live in Las Vegas where I would never see snow so summer tires will do fine, but all-season sport tires with added longivity, durability and ability to be safe in rain and light snow sounds pretty good too.

My driving style is not that aggressive, so comfort and quiet is more important than grip and handling.

So before I pull the trigger on a set of new tires, I would like to hear about your experience and comment on the ones you have.

Thanks! :)
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I chose Conti DWS on F02, purchased & installed by Discount Tire with road hazard warranty. Bought conti inflator kit from Only the 2nd set of tires on F02 from original run flat. FANTASTIC ride quality in dry, wet. Superior to original run flats, totally different car, better than new ride, ABSOLUTE TRANSFORMATION of F02. Conti DWS is 50k mileage 540 AA rating, excellent max load rating. Will buy Conti DWS again, probably next time only sooner, like the same week of new car delivery.

Here is the bimmerfest Conti DWS search

Continental DWS

Have Conti Road Attack on two sport bikes. Have been through many sets.

I installed DWS on an E65. they seemed like great tires for the few thousand miles I put on them before trading to an F02. I should have made them part of the deal!
I'd like to hear what you decide about a spare tire solution. For me, the RF's save the worry about ever having to pull over in the ghetto, on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, and other inconvenient places. My Wife and I were on our first roadtrip in the dead middle of west Texas a few years ago in my X5. All of a sudden I get a tire pressure warning, and pull over to see practically a hole in the side of my sidewall. Drove 143 miles @ 50 miles an hour home, checking every 30-40 miles that the tire was still home and it didn't look any different since the mile I realized it was flat.

Sure I could have pulled over at a crummy small town tire station, delayed 4-5 hours as they found a suitable tire, paid 200 bucks, and then plopped a rim and tire over our suitcases for the ride home....but for me runflat's convenience far outweigh the increased road noise.
I am thinking just buy a cheapest aftermarket wheel in 20X8.5, and put one of my front ROF tire on it.

I would only have it in my trunk for long distance drive though, since I can always get a free roadside service from either BMW assist or my insurance, within 1 hour.
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