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This rare new vehicle or a BMW MINI?

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the auction for the other vehicle is currently at $22K, pretty close to the price of the new MINI Cooper S.

The MINI Cooper is great but the auction (see below) is for a first edition version of this other new vehicle, which includes some special features such as leather wrapped grip, custom wheels and a "first edition" emblem (scroll down at link to see list of features). i can be the first on my block to own this, and at such a reasonable price! truly a tough choice... ;) :rolleyes: :D

is this worth $22K??? click here to see auction.
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Dan said:
For my $22K, I'll take a Mini Cooper S, thank you. The Segway is a unique concept in personal transportation, and I'd love to test drive one, but it needs to sell for a price point of no more than $2 - 3K.
yeah, i would take the cooper s for sure. my sarcasm might not have come across in my original post, but $22K is about $21K too much to pay for an advanced scooter. and wait until those things have been out for a couple of years. you'll see it at the local bestbuy for $399, just like the evolution of computers...:D :D :D
Dan said:

I am a buyer for sure of a Segway for $399 - it would be worth it just to see the looks on my neighbors' faces as I cruised around the neighborhood!
dan, don't forget that by that time, cars will be eliminated and all the streets will be filled with segways. you won't be special anymore. ;)

btw, the auction just moved beyond my price point of $25K. guess i'll be getting the cooper s....:D
pod13 said:
I think the Segway is cool, but I can't imagine it really taking off in the US. Maybe in countries that use bicycles as a primary means of transportation, it has a chance.

... but if I could rent one from the mall while I do Xmas shopping...
i have a 80 mi roundtrip commute, so the segway may not be very good for me, especially since it only moves at a top speed of about 12 mph. also, check out the latest bids ($30K+). it's moving into 3-series territory! :D

i think the only reason to get one would be because of the amazing technology in it. however, i would find it hard to spend that much money just for the "neat technology" factor. then again, i have been known to spend my money on stupid things in the past because i had to have the newest and coolest gadget... :)

however, i do like pod13's idea of being able to rent one in the mall. i can just imagine all the guys setting up drag races through the mall while the girlfriends and wives shop. :thumb:
Alan F said:
It's up to $40,000 :yikes: :yikes:

Is that bid for real ? ? ?

Seriously, I never saw that bid site before . . . who in the world would pay $40,000 for that :yikes: :yikes:
well, the site is, which is definitely a real auction site. they are auctioning off 3 of those segways: click here for all 3 auctions

however, who knows if those bidders will come through with the money? my guess is that they will back out of the deal. the early bids were probably serious. these extremely high ones are questionable. or maybe the buyers think this will be a revolution and they want to be a part of history, like owning the first model T from ford.

i've seen other high priced auctions where the bidders have to be verified before bidding, but this doesn't look like it's one of them...
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