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This rare new vehicle or a BMW MINI?

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the auction for the other vehicle is currently at $22K, pretty close to the price of the new MINI Cooper S.

The MINI Cooper is great but the auction (see below) is for a first edition version of this other new vehicle, which includes some special features such as leather wrapped grip, custom wheels and a "first edition" emblem (scroll down at link to see list of features). i can be the first on my block to own this, and at such a reasonable price! truly a tough choice... ;) :rolleyes: :D

is this worth $22K??? click here to see auction.
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For my $22K, I'll take a Mini Cooper S, thank you. The Segway is a unique concept in personal transportation, and I'd love to test drive one, but it needs to sell for a price point of no more than $2 - 3K.
chalkem77 said:

yeah, i would take the cooper s for sure. my sarcasm might not have come across in my original post, but $22K is about $21K too much to pay for an advanced scooter. and wait until those things have been out for a couple of years. you'll see it at the local bestbuy for $399, just like the evolution of computers...:D :D :D
I am a buyer for sure of a Segway for $399 - it would be worth it just to see the looks on my neighbors' faces as I cruised around the neighborhood!
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