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This rare new vehicle or a BMW MINI?

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the auction for the other vehicle is currently at $22K, pretty close to the price of the new MINI Cooper S.

The MINI Cooper is great but the auction (see below) is for a first edition version of this other new vehicle, which includes some special features such as leather wrapped grip, custom wheels and a "first edition" emblem (scroll down at link to see list of features). i can be the first on my block to own this, and at such a reasonable price! truly a tough choice... ;) :rolleyes: :D

is this worth $22K??? click here to see auction.
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I think I'd spend $1500 for a Segway. I took into consideration that I spent $2500 for my computer, and $6500 for my Home Theater system ($2200 on the TV alone).

It is a revolutionary piece of transportation.
Re: Forget the Segway, dude.

ARCHER said:

Buy some grass.;)
Good idea! But... the Landscape Architect came out over the weekend. Grass follows concrete, irrigation, electrical...

BTW, the auction is open for another month! It could hit 911 territory soon!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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