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All, I am looking for some thoughts and opinions.
Recently purchased a used E71, I brought it to the dealer to have the mechanic look over it and see if there are any issues.

Estimate came back with the following that needs to be done:
1. Oil Filer Housing Gasket: (I do see dirt and grime around that area)
2. Upper Radiator Hose Replacement: (Dealer states that it's because of the "oil leak")
3. Drive Belt: Serpentine belt - Not making any squealing noises. (Dealer states that it's because of the "oil leak") Getting this repaired first
(However I've had past experiences with a 2006 Subaru Tribeca with 180K driving down a free way and the belt came off, luckily i was in the right lane and was able to pull into a gas station.)

Has anyone had similar or like issues with their pre-owned purchase?

Secondly I am looking for a DIY on how to change the OEM Brake Lines to
Stainless steel lines. I assume the process is the same as a 3 series which i have done before however the first time around i broke one of the hard lines wanted to avoid that with the X6.
Just things to look out for.
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