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Plan to get the HO Drei (30% VLT) all around (except windshield) on my '05 550i / sport Pkg / Carbon Black this weekend. Excited! Have not done any tinting at all, was living in RI mostly till last few months.

In DFW area, have to park my car in sun at work. Our family has had good reports about Accents of TX (Hurst) - used to be "ARTECH" for installers.

What sold me on Drei was the heat lamp demo device - Drei was easily the coolest feeling of all the versions tested. Wincos Madico, ceramic and HO lines were offered. $599 for 4 side windows and the rear.

Questions for the collective wisdom of bimmerfesters out there:
1. Any serious reservations about my choice / counter-suggestions?
2. Any issues with the Comfort Access or cellphone signals to be worried about?
3. Any photos or concerns to share regarding tint color with carbon black? I read a bit about the Drei looking bluish or greenish.

Thanks and will try to post before & after pics once work is done!
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