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Hey guys,

I'm currently in a market for a certified preowned 328i xDrive. I did happen to find one online and I was wondering if you guys could give me your thoughts on it? Does the price seem reasonable? (I get to take advantage of the college grad program, so you can knock 1.5k off the listed price before negotiation :thumbup:)

If this is a car I'm planning to keep for around 5 years, is 37.5k miles too high? Is there any larger than usual maintenance that is required around the 60k mile mark? If so, would it make sense to opt for an extended maintenance plan? I called the dealership today and the salesperson said that it has the factory maintenance until 3/2017 or up to 50k miles.

How has the N26 been so far? Any major complaints or additional things I should know or take into consideration?

Thanks! :)_a__a2_
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