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After a conversation with a BMWCCA Tech advisor, sounds like the throw-out bearing may be going in my car. Symptoms I'm getting are a throbbing (or he used the term "juddering") when I depress the clutch while shifting. Most pronounced during hard acceleration in the first 3 gears.

Another possiblity, but less likey, cause may be that the "clutch pressure plate fingers" may be "assymetrical".

But this next item got my attention: "You may also be unlucky enough to have the new 'rubber flywheel'. Yes, some BMWs have a 'dual-mass' flywheel with two mass discs 'rubber-glued' together. These have been known to judder." A "rubber flywheel" - WTF??

Did some research on this in the archives over on the .org, and there's lots of posts on this issue. Typically, the throw-out bearing is something that should be replaced when it wears out - but my car only has 13K I'm really surprised by this.

Anyone else experience this issue? Feedback on the rest of the information??

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