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The Bentley manual make the thrust arm replacement on the e34 look very simple but then I have seen e39 photo articles that make it look very tough.

Some people say alignment is need and some say it is not. Some say load the car with weight and gas and even weight in trunk and some say it is not critical.

I suppose I just pick up a pickle fork that will fit over the joint and start wacking carefully but how do I know what size fork and does the bushing side just slide off.

I have Meyle arms with bushings in place.

The is one column on the net that suggests taking off more than the arm, is that needed.

Sorry about all the questions, I am trying not to be dumb about this and I just want to do it myself, it cant be that tough.

Car: 1995 BMW 525it touring wagon with about 93K. Shimmy only after hitting line in road at 50 to 60.
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