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I'm trying to stay on a quarterly wax schedule. I did the first polish and wax application back in Jan. I used 3M IMG first, then followed with 2 coats of Blitz wax. I have found Blitz to be pretty good, however it leaves a bit of a haze. I did buy Griot's speedshine last month and the few times I've used it the results were fantastic. I assume I could always follow up with this after Blitz to remove the hazing.

My real debate this time around is if I should go with several coats of Griots Best of Show. I've read many of your comments over the past year or so and I know this product comes highly recommended. I've always used IMG+Blitz however I might be inclined to use Best of Show this time around. Anyone ever try both products? If so, are there any major differences between the two (ease of application, results, etc.)?

One other note, I'll be doing this by hand. However I really want to try the Orbital someday to see if it produces much better results for the $$'s.

Thanks! :D
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