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Hi everyone.
So this is my first post here and I wanna start apologizing myself if I'm posting on the wrong section, although I would guess that here is the right place to advertise what I'm selling.
So a few months ago I had a problem with the head gasket of my beloved BMW 328i 1999, where the only solution to the problem would be replacing the gasket (toughest DIY I've ever done, I must say). Unfortunately, when I removed the head from the engine block, I've noticed that one of the engine threads that hold the head bolts was partially damaged (people say there's a 50/50 chance of this happening). OK, so now I would have to fix the damaged thread as well, otherwise I would have problems torquing the bolt to the spec value. Thanks to the machine shop for ripping me off on his cost estimate ($80 per thread), my only affordable option was to do it myself, again. So I bought this well-known timesert kit WITH the guide plate, because I didn't want to screw things up on my engine block. The kit is for all BMW's Series 3 and 5 that use the M10X1.5 HEADBOLT, part# 1090 ( It does NOT INCLUDE ANY INSERT because I had to use all of them, but you can easily find them at ebay for 25 bucks for 14 inserts. The kit worked out for me pretty well although it took me the whole day to do all 14 threads. I torqued the bolts to spec values without any problem. I won't use the kit anymore so that's why I'm selling it, it was a one-time use. I'm in the Los Angeles area, if someone wants to see it first feel free to contact me and we can meet. I'm asking $290 for the kit, just reminding the inserts are not included.
eBay link:
Thanks very much and again I apologize if I'm posting on the wrong section.
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