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Hi Guys-

Long time lurker, second time poster here. So I got to visit the Welt/Museum in Munich this past week and after seeing the 3 series LCI with my own eyes, every fiber of my body tells me I absolutely must have one.

I am pretty set on a 328 build and want to place an order. My current VW GLI lease is coming to an end mid-December this year, and I want to start a new lease in December with a 328i.


1) If I have a solid build I want to book, when should I start talking to an advisor in order to place an order for a potential delivery in December timeframe? I am willing to go a few weeks ahead of my current lease termination in case the car arrives earlier. Am I too late?

2) I can place an order whenever with a deposit (how much in general?), but the final lease negotiation happens near delivery right? This way I can get the December holiday deals?

3) What happens if the car arrives prior to December? Are dealers generally willing to hold the car in the inventory for a delivery in a couple of weeks later? (Especially the PNW-area)

4) Do we expect to have an impact on the residuals and such for the 2016 model?

Thank you!
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