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Tire Cupping

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Is this what cupping looks like or do I have some other problem??

Thanks for the help.


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Kinda hard to tell from the picture, but I can describe how to tell by feeling the tire tread. Take your hand and run it around the outside tread in the opposite direction as the wheel turns normally. It will feel smooth if there is no cupping, but if you feel the tread is taller on the either the front or back edge, you have cupping. And by edge I mean each individual block of tread on the inside of the tire, and on the outside of the tire's contact patch.

Cupping is not a safety hazard, but it will cause your tires to be noisey. The cause of cupping has been explained to me as poor alignment. To avoid it I have been told to get the car aligned 2x per year, more if I drive on bad roads. I do it once a year or when I get new tires, sometimes more than once a year.

Upon closer inspection of your picture, I'd presume the darker part of the tread is not touching the ground like the lighter colored portion is. That leads me to believe you have some cupping there. Basically if the tread is not worn evenly from front to back, it will be cupping.
Thanks for the info, that's what I thought.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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