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Tire question

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I was driving my mom's car last night, and heard a LOUD poping sound from the rear tire, so I pulled over and checked the tires. Suprisingly, I found out that the driver side rear tire is TORN :yikes: (see attached picture). I quickly switched the damaged tire with the spare and I'm on my way.

But I was wondering, what could've possibly caused this? The street was clear at that time, and it couldn't possibly be caused by a single nail. Maybe its because of the age of the tires (they're on the car since new, haven't changed them for 7 full years since the car only has 57000kms to date), and they're getting more brittle over time? Or I'm just unlucky? SHould I change all 4 of them at the same time since I also noticed there are little cracks on the tread and grooves on the surface of the tire? Thanks for your advice! :dunno:


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yikes! 7 years?

I would says it is almost certainly tire degradation due to age.

After 57,000 kms they hardly look 10% worn. With a compound so hard, do you really get any decent traction from them and therefore, decent braking performance.
Hmmm...thats amazing. Looks like it just split, or possibly it got cut? Are the threads inside also cleanly cut, or do they look rotten, frayed? It's possible an impact on something started it, and then due to the age, the tire just unzipped.

7 years old though, 57K's, and that much tread? Those things are iron!
Wow, I'd post those pics to one of the TireRack forums (on org or fanatics) and see what the TireRack guys say. It could very well be age but it sprprises me that the cords are cleanly severed too.
Thanks for all the suggestions/comments. you guys are great :thumbup: :bigpimp:

I talked to my tire guy today, looks like I'll need to replace all four of the tires. What should I replace it with? (the car is currently running on Michelin MXV4 Energy, and the car is a 95 Mercedes-Benz C220). Any inputs on the Dunlop SP sport 5000? :)
He meant 57,000 Kilometers/35,00 miles.
geomax said:
7 years old though, 57K's, and that much tread? Those things are iron!
Read up on tires at The SP5000 is a highly rated high performance all season.

It depends on how much money you want to spend. If she's been driving on MXV4's then pretty much anything is a step up.

I'd personally go for a Dunlop SP5000. For less money, you could try something from the performance all season category like a Dunlop Sport A2:

or Potenza RE950:
Toast said:
Any inputs on the Dunlop SP sport 5000? :)
Right - 57K's.

Toast - the 3 tires JP mentioned seem excellent. I just picked up a set of 16" wheels, and I've been toying with putting some AS tires on them. In addition JP's req's, look at the Yokohama AVS db, Turanza LS-V or LS-Z (the Turanza LS was given a good plug is the most recent Roundel), or the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. It looks like the Michelin A/S gets the best reviews, but it's an expensive tire. Another to consider is the Sumitomo HTR+, which got good reviews.

Overall, it looks like the Dunlop 5000 has a good balance of performance and value. The RE950 would also be a great pick.
JPinTO said:

He meant 57,000 Kilometers/35,00 miles.
Did you say the C220 is your car now, or just fixing it for your mom?
It's a waste of money to put high performance tires in the latter case (35K mile in 7 years is not what I'd call spirited driving).
Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I'll take a good look at the Dunlop SP5000 next week.

JPinTO: are MXV4s that bad? I always thought the tire is ok, bit its just a bit expensive to replace. ($700CDN for the whole set in the 195/65/15 size :yikes: )

JetBlack330i: I'm just fixing the car for my mom. I still have the 330i :bigpimp: . But we occasioanlly switch cars to drive, either when I feel like saving fuel (the C220 can go for ~700kms on a tank :bigpimp: ) or when she feels like doing some spirited driving. :confused:
I've no personal experience with the MXV4's as I never use touring tires.

However, you can get an idea of comparisons by looking at this chart of ratings from tirerack: Look where the MXV4 is. The MXV4 PLus seems to do better.

Since it's for your mom, then obviously performance isn't that important. For $700 you should be able to get a good set of tires... not just an "OK" set. I just got a set of Sumitomo HTRZ2 high performance tires for $800 (+tax) and they are amazing. is Vancouver based... you could try them.
The 2 touring tires that come recommended from friends are the AVS db and RE950. They're both very quiet, and the 950 in particular has very good grip. My parents' cars have SP4000s on em, and they're not bad. The 5000s should be at least as good or better.
I'd post here:

Eddie from will hopefully respond. You can email him directly--just look for a post by him and get his profile.

Is it just me, or do those tires look like they were run at somewhat high pressures?
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