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Tire/Wheel Question

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Hi, I'm hoping someone here will know the answer to this, and not laugh at me.

I am trying to configure my future X5, and I want to not add much, if any height. (Our house has a low-clearance garage and every inch counts!)

So here' s my question: how much height does a set of 18" wheels, as in the sport package, add to the X5? Does it add one inch, as the standard wheels are 17" -- or does it add less/no height, because the tires are lower profile, too? Does anyone know?

There is an "adjustable ride height" feature that could shave .8" off the height when the car is stopped -- so I could use this to help me get safely into/out of the garage, right?

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Tire Size Calculator

Use this:

Input your stock and your new tire sizes and see the difference. For me, I run the 255/35/R18's for summer but put on 205/50/R17's for winter on my 3 series. Both are so close to 25" in diameter that the difference is negligible. The lower profile sport tires have shorter (and stiffer) sidewalls for better grip at the expense of a "harder" (i.e. more sports car like) ride.

Hope this helps.

What are the tire sizes? My guess is that they're the same size, or within 2/10ths of an inch.
Yeah, they are just about exactly the same in overall diameter -- which means that the 18" are slightly lower profile, and the 19" are even moreso. 18" are standard on the 4.4, which is the way I'm leaning, anyway. But good to know they don't add height!

Learn something new every day . . .

I'm working with Philippe to order the car; hopefully it will work and I'll take delivery in June while I'm in CA. Then I have to get together with all you guys and show it off :D
Kaz said:
What are the tire sizes? My guess is that they're the same size, or within 2/10ths of an inch.
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