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Titanium headlight Trim '02 Sedan

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Does anyone have the part numbers for Titanium headlight trim for an '02 Sedan. I've seen it on the Showroom floor but the parts dept can't come up with a number.
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You can get the part at a discount from Circle BMW:

Circle BMW You will need to pick the trim from the column on the left of the Circle webpage to view.

Note: The trim kit works for all 325 2001 and 2002 coupes and converts. But only 325 four door sedans up to production 8/01. (330's come with the trim standard. This kit will work for the M3)

If your 325/M3 headlight assembly does not look exactly like the one pictured in the above link, then you have the new trim design. Unfortunately, as far as I know, a trim kit is not yet available for the new design.

You can check my post in the DIY forum on the trim install:

Headlight Trim Install
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